The PANTHERA COMMUNE product you have chosen has been made with quality materials and is the result of meticulous Turkish craftsmanship. Marks, veining, or any imperfections indicate the authenticity of the material. Variations in tone and any irregularities are to  be considered as unique characteristics of a hand-made product. To maintain its quality, this product should be stored carefully and protected from moisture, avoiding all contact with liquids, creams, oils, make-up and perfumes. This product may absorb or lose color in contact with other materials. Abrasive rubbing or prolonged exposure to direct light and sources of heat may alter the original appearance of the product. When not in use, stuff and store this accessory in the protective dust bag received with purchase. If the leather should get wet, let it dry and  rub it gently with a soft cloth to maintain its original color and avoid water spots. PANTHERA COMMUNE uses gold colored plated hardwares. The golden hardwares will not loose clarity and color if handled with special care. Avoid any contact with other surfaces. Avoid all contacts with liquids and especially cremes or hand lotions. Please note that PANTHERA COMMUNE cannot accept any complaints due to loss of color of our gold plated hardwares.



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